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a woman holding a caesar while holding a caesar dog toy

Hey, I'm Meg

A trash goblin artist moonlighting as a blogger

I live in Vancouver Canada with my partner Ryan and Frenchton Gizmo. I work in the film industry when I want to get paid and work on bookbinding, painting, writing, and making little crafts when I don't want to get paid.

I wanted to start a blog to develop my voice. I have so many hobbies and I want a place where I can share them and talk about them without having to appeal to a niche. As the famous writer "Meg" once wrote in her journal at 2 am: Fuck Niche. Although, fucking a niche is probably a niche in itself. Whatever.


Anyways, I've never really known how to be online, because I hold a lot of fear of "keyboard warriors" and my aim is never to offend someone. But I'll never grow as a writer if I never share my work, so here I am. If I still went to therapy, I feel like my therapist would tell me to do this because it takes me out of my comfort zone. Cheers to you, Dr. Aaron.

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