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I went to Montreal for 10 days

And you can read about the first 5 days now!

Hello again, dear Void. I've been MIA (Meg Is Away) for the past month and it's partially because I've been going through a phase where I don't want anyone to know what I'm doing, but it's mostly because I've been busy fuckin' living my life to the fullest. And one of those life-filling things was going to Montreal to visit my very good friend Avery.

I'm going to share the pictures I took (I'm not a photographer or an influencer, give me a break I tried my best), and give a little tour of Montreal the way I experienced it. Here goes nothing!

Day 1:

My flight to Montreal is actually enjoyable, probably because it isn't a flair flight. The couple sitting in front of me made out for at least two of the 5 hours, making it hard to ignore because I could see them perfectly through the crack in the seats. I choose an aisle seat, which might be my new favourite thing. I never sleep on flights, or anywhere in public for that matter, so I don't mind getting up for others to pass when they need to use the toilet. I actually like the excuse to stand up and stretch my legs. Anyways, I basically read the whole time and spend the last hour playing solitaire on my phone. When we land I get my bag from the overhead bin, because when you fly with real airlines you can apparently take 2 carry-ons per person. This is my smear campaign for flair airlines lol. I flew with Air Transat and it was okay.

I get off the plane and step into the stifling heat of Montreal. The air is thicker here; no more humid than in Vancouver, but there's a smell sitting inside the air that I can only name “city air”, that burrows into your nose and makes itself at home. It reminds me of Toronto.

I meet my friend Avery at the baggage drop and we share a moment of “holy shit” together. It’s been over five years since we’ve seen each other.

We hop on the bus, which carries its own smell with it. We get off the bus and transfer to the metro, and within 15 minutes we get off and walk to Avery's apartment on Park Ave. The whole time I am cursing myself for not changing at the airport when I could have. I am still wearing the heavy orange corduroy pants I wore on the plane even though I have a pair of shorts in my backpack.

A large brick fire hall in Montreal
Fire Hall in Montreal

To put it simply, the streets of Montreal are beautiful (if you can ignore the trash and construction and cones everywhere). The apartments in Mile End are no more than 3 or 4 stories high, and old. I wish more cities looked like this one.

I’m starving by the time we get to Avery's apartment, but we do a quick tour and I change into my shorts and then we head to get food a few blocks away. The place is called La Tamalera and Avery orders 2 chilaquiles for us and it is so delicious. I’ve never had chilaquiles before, but Mexican food never fails to satisfy me.

Next up we head to the local watering hole Casa Del Popolo. We try to order caesars but they don't have the ingredients so we stick to beers. We sit on the cozy couch in one of the corners and continue our catch-up, which will be never-ending the whole trip. The beer is good and goes down too fast like it usually does after any day when I ride a plane.

inside of a dep in montreal
Local Dep with cute tiles selling beer

After Casa Del Popolo we head to a “dep” or corner store to pick up beer because you can buy beer and wine in the corner stores in Montreal. Maybe I’m the only one who didn't know that but I feel like the rest of Canada should take notes. We pick up beer and spend the rest of the night in the park drinking and talking and talking and drinking.

Day 2:

Today it is "hot as the devil's dick" as I like to say probably too often. The heat reminds me of the trip Avery and I took to Toronto in 2016 when I became convinced that Toronto was the center of hell itself. I begin to fear that Montreal will be the same. We push on.

Alleyway in Montreal
Cute Alley
Fire escapes in an alley in Montreal
Cute fire escapes

We get breakfast at Fairmount Bagel, ordering bagels and kimchi cream cheese which is so unnecessarily delicious. We eat them in a pretty alley, finding a cool spot in the shade.

We walk in the shade all the way to the metro, passing so many bookstores and even more 'Paper Shops' for some reason?? I vow to go back to the paper shops (spoiler: I never do).

I take a picture of the fire escapes because I love them.

Two poutines at la pataterie in Montreal
Poutine at La Pataterie

We take the metro to Hochelaga, a neighbourhood. We walk down the main street, finding sanctuary in every store that looks cool both in merchandise and air temperature. At this point, I am so sweaty all I want is to jump in the ocean but they don't have one of those in Montreal. I settle for wedging the water bottle Avery brought in between my boobs which gets me some weird looks and a few comments probably but I don't speak French so I'll never know and that's the beauty of Montreal, baby. We go to a small unassuming diner called La Pataterie and order two poutines, one of which was delicious.

After the poutine we need more cold drinks so we go to this dreamy place called Atomic Cafe which is like a retro-style place that I would like to live in.

Inside Atomic Cafe

The counter at Atomic Cafe

On the walk home, we stop in a park that has a splash park running and we finally feel sweet relief. Every city should have splash parks in every park.

Later in the evening, we get ready to see a band that Avery's friends are in called HRT. This is what I wear:

a mirror selfie of a girl in a dress and fishnets
Meg in her concert attire

The show is at a place called La Sotterenea which is owned by the same company as Casa de Popolo (called Suoni per il Popolo), and I don't get any pictures of it. HRT is very good and I would highly recommend them. The other bands that play are terrible but I won't mention their names. We smoke in this cool alley and stay up too late talking.

En Masse - Mural - Graffiti Art - Theatre Espace GO
En Masse - Mural and the perfect place to smoke

Day 3:

Avery works today which is impressive because of the show we went to last night. I sit around the apartment avoiding the outside heat and write a little bit but nothing I feel worth posting on the blog about. I hang out with Avery's cat Angel, who only has her front teeth and hates being pet in certain ways, but she ends up snuggling with me.

a cat sleeping on a girls lap
Meg snuggling with Angel

I eventually leave to pick up some food at the local PA(grocery store). When Avery gets home she takes me to a ramen restaurant where we eat delicious ramen and we drink this beer called Ippon which is Japanese beer: Lagered blonde ale with organic ginger and Japanese pepper. It's so good it's dangerous and I'm mad we can't find it anywhere else.

Miso Ramen and Ippon Beer
Ramen and Beer

Later we return home to get ready for the rave that we will attend. I don't have a picture of the outfit I wore. We grab a few beers from another dep and walk to Avery's friend Pluto's apartment. It's one of the coolest apartments I've ever been in and I only took one picture with permission of this sick mace they had on the wall.

a mace hanging on the wall of a bedroom
"Pluto's Mace"

I've never been to a rave before, so we go onto the roof, where I show Avery and Pluto how I dance because I want to know if it's appropriate for a rave, and I end up punch-dancing my earring out of my ear.

We get to the rave and it's fun and crowded. Near the end of the night, Avery and I get yelled at for being in the bathroom, where the security guard(?) thought we were doing drugs, but we were just going to the bathroom. He continues to yell at us for a full two minutes, telling us that we can't be there and asking what we were doing so I point to the sign that says 'If you feel unsafe at our venue let the staff know and we will do whatever we can to help', and I say "I felt unsafe because the bathroom door doesn't lock" and he laughs in my face and asks me "Why would you feel unsafe here?" to which I say while turning on the tap to wash my hands "Because I'm a woman?" and he laughs again like I just said the most unbelievable thing in the world and then says "No one is going to touch you." And I finish washing my hands and say "Okay, can you stop yelling at me?" and he just ushers us out and we leave anyways and go home because fuck that guy.

Day 4:

We spend the morning recovering and just hanging out in the apartment. I don't have to adjust my sleep schedule because we've just been staying up late and waking up late and so I have no jet lag.

Avery shows me this amazing doll her friend Paris made her.

Textile Avery
Textile Averys back

This evening's plans are to go to the graveyard which is basically in Avery's backyard. We pick up more beer and wine and bread and kimchi cream cheese at the dep and head up. The walk is all uphill and tough and we have a backpack full of beer and food that Avery carries for us because I am a little baby. Halfway up we stop at a bench so I can breathe and I take a picture of the view.

Halfway up the hill

I feel like I might die by the time we get to where we need to be, but it's nice to know that if I lay down and die it’ll be in a place that welcomes it. We sit in the golden hour light on top of a mausoleum. When Avery's friends show up we watch the sunset in the graveyard.

Sunset at the graveyard

When the sun sets, everyone agrees it's too cold to stay, we go to another show that Casa is putting on. It's 20$ at the door which is way too much, but the show is really good and the crowd is super fun. After the show, we walk to a place called Bar Bifteck to do karaoke and its so much fun. I don't get to sing my song (Saturday Night by Misfits) but I sing everyone else's with them and it feels like a family. We stay up until the sun rises again.

Day 5:

The Best Laundromat in the World

It's laundry day! We gather all our clothes and head to the laundromat across the street. Last Kiss by J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers is playing on the speakers, and there's a painting of Macho Man Randy Savage on the wall.

A painting of Macho man Randy Savage
"Cuppa coffee in the big time"

While the clothes are in the wash we walk to get bagels and visit a bookstore where I pick up a beautiful copy of The Call of the Wild and a shit-used copy of Flowers for

Algernon that I plan on rebinding. Avery leaves for a bit to visit a friend and I stay with the laundry while it dries. I read my

book and enjoy the peace. When it's done I leave and realize I forgot the bagels at the laundromat but I don't go back because I don't know where they are but also because I don't want to. They are lost forever. Good thing they are only $1.50 and I hope someone who needed them found them. I sit around for a while and write in the apartment until Avery comes and picks me up with her friend and we walk to get poutine to eat in the moat park.

"Penis Picnic" or "The only picture I got at the park"

We have a few beers and talk and it's very nice. We walk under a bridge and talk about working in film and how bad of an industry it is no matter where you are in Canada. I drop my water bottle in the moat by accident. We walk to another place called the Atlantic where I get a Michelada and the place feels too fancy for me but it's a delicious drink.

"Pessimoustic" (I know its a rat)

And that was the first five days of Montreal! I think I need to make a part 2 because this is just too long to keep going! So stay tuned for next week when I summarize the last 5 days of Montreal in this exact format.

I love you all, thank you for reading and remember rent is due.


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