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The Best Hardcore Workout Playlist

If you like metal/deathcore/prog-metal/metalcore, listen to this workout playlist right now

If you know me (which you probably don't, and if you think you do but it was more than 10 years ago, you still don't know me I’m a new person now hello) I love a good playlist. That hasn't changed about me. I used to make CD mixes all the time, and I still have them in the CD wallet in the glove box of my car. Before Spotify existed, we had to make our own playlists. Of course, we had iPod playlists, but it wasn't as easy to connect an iPod to a car sound system. You'd make the playlist on your iPod and then transfer it to a disk which you tucked not-so-gently into the holder of choice in your car and it would remain there for 12 years.

Girlies dancing to metal
Meg dancing to a Bystander song at the Rickshaw

It was a skill to be a master of mood, curating the perfect mix for each ideal situation. I had CDs for parties, CDs for crying, and CDs for my drive to school (which was a similar vibe to the one I will share with you today). I had a friend who made me mix tapes as gifts and I still treasure them to this day.

And I have good news for you! I'd like to gift this workout playlist to any bad bitch who feels like they need something a little heavier to compliment that extra set. I made it with the help of the Spotify Robots. The Spotify Robots are little robots that work inside your computer, listening to every song you play, watching to see which ones you dance to or headbang to and then adding them to a curated playlist for you to enjoy. You should go thank your Spotify Robot right now if you haven't.

This playlist features The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan TX, Emmure, Make Them Suffer, and Slaughter To Prevail. There are 50 songs, but please comment on the go-to metal bangers that you feel would be fitting and I will add them!

Anyways, here's the link to it. It goes pretty hard and if you feel like spraining your neck headbanging while you run on the treadmill, go for it. But listener beware.

What do you think about the playlist?

  • Not Hard Enough

  • It's amazing I sprained my ankle in my living room

  • I hate metal and will never give it a chance




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